At any time after sharing a file via Digify, you can add new recipients or revoke access from previously invited recipients. You can do this by managing the file’s recipient list in your Outbox. Note that if access is set to Only people I specify, only those email addresses in your file’s recipient list can access the file.

How To Add New Recipients for Files Shared

1. In Sent, select a file.

2. Click Manage Access

3. Click on the Add Recipient button, type the email addresses of recipients you want to share the file with.

4. Select Add & send notification if you want to send invitation email via Digify.

Note: If instead you want to share the file link through another channel, you can get the file link and share it directly to your recipients.

How To Revoke Access for Files Shared

You can remove previously invited recipients from your recipient list by revoking their access to your file. Once access is revoked, recipients can no longer have access to your file.

In case you changed your mind and wish to give back the access to a specific recipient, you can do that by using the toggle.

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