The Digify API allows developers to build apps and integrate document security functionality into their own apps, such as:

  • Turn print and download on or off

  • Restrict number of prints

  • Enable/disable copying of the text in a PDF file

  • Track files and know who, when, how long, where files were accessed

  • Apply watermarking in various forms and format

  • Control access

See complete overview of features supported in the Digify API

How It Works

Our file sharing API supports encryption and rendering of various file formats such as PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, images, and more. With the Digify API, you can generate a secure file link that you can share with your users, or embed it directly using a simple iFrame.

Files shared using Digify are stored encrypted with maximum security, and are viewable to your app users via an encrypted link in the browser, or embedded right in your web app. Developers can use the RESTful API to request and receive responses in JSON format.


The Digify API helps your apps achieve compliance standards such as HIPAA quicker. 

Digify is ISO27001 certified. It is hosted on AWS, which is ISO27001, SOC 1 and 2, FEDRAMP compliant. Read more: 

Learn how to get your API key here.

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