With Digify, you can protect your spreadsheet to prevent your recipients from accidentally or deliberately changing, deleting, or copying data in/from it. The file will be viewed in Digify’s secure viewer and will be DRM-protected by default. This means that the content of the file is protected from:

  • Being edited/revised
  • Being deleted 
  • Being highlighted/copied

How your spreadsheet will look on Digify’s secure viewer

This feature supports .xlsx and .xls format. If you wish to protect a spreadsheet in a different format (e.g. .csv, .ods, .xlsm), simply convert it to one of the supported file formats before sending it via Digify.

How To Send a Read-Only Spreadsheet

  1. Go to the Send Files section. 
  2. Upload your spreadsheet. 
  3. In Permissions, select No download and No print
  4. Continue selecting your preferred security settings and send when you’re ready. 

Applying watermarks to your spreadsheet

For added protection, you can apply watermarks to your spreadsheet. When a spreadsheet with a watermark is viewed in Digify’s secure viewer, it will still be viewed as a spreadsheet. However, once it is downloaded, it is automatically converted into a PDF file. Read more about how Digify’s watermark works

Adding a printable watermark
Printable watermarks will only be visible when the spreadsheet is printed or downloaded. When a file with a printable watermark is viewed in Digify’s secure viewer, the watermark will not be displayed.

Adding a printable and movable watermark
Watermarks will be displayed when the file is viewed, printed, or downloaded.

How your spreadsheet will look like when a movable watermark is applied

Some Excel graphics may not be compatible when the file is viewed in the secure browser (read more about it here).

Digify does not support offline viewing for now. Hence, files that are downloaded or printed can no longer be protected by Digify. (See control permissions for printing or downloading here).

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