Granular permissions enable data room owners and co-owners to control the type of access your recipients would have. Depending on their role, some users could be granted access to all the contents of the data room while some could only need to access certain folders. Available to Team and Enterprise plans.

To be able to use granular permissions, you first have to define the individual role permissions by going to the Invite People to Data Room section.

Read more about what users can do under the different role permissions.

Once you've invited the recipients to your data room, you will be able to set their individual granular permissions per folder with a simple on-and-off toggle.

Note that there’s currently no way to set granular permissions on the file level. This means that when you allow/restrict folder access, all the files inside that specific folder will follow the folder-level permissions.

Before using granular permissions in your data room, you will have to first:

  1. Have a data room ready with defined security settings. Read more about setting or changing data room settings.

  2. Organize all the folders and files in your data room according to how you intend your recipients to view them. Read more about reordering the files using file index.

  3. Invite all the intended recipients in the data room with their corresponding role permissions. By default, everyone you’ve invited would initially have access to all the folders in this data room, following the data room level settings you’ve initially set in no. 1. You would be able to manage individual user’s granular permissions per folder.

TIP: If you intend to restrict access to certain folders for some, you might prefer to skip the notification part at the time you’re adding the recipients. This way, they won’t receive the email alert that prompts them to view the data room while you are still setting up. 

When you’re done setting granular permissions for everyone, then you could easily send them a direct email to invite them to view the data room.

How to Set Granular Permissions on the folder level

  1. Select a specific folder in the data room.

  2. Click Manage Access, which lets you manage folder access.

3. Select a recipient and toggle off to restrict access to that specific folder. You can toggle on anytime if you wish to allow access.

Granular permissions are available to data rooms created starting August 20, 2018. If you don’t see this feature in your existing data room, follow these steps on how to transfer your existing files to a new data room. 

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