What is Screen Shield?

Digify Screen Shield is a feature that helps discourage screenshots by reducing the viewable screen area with a watermarked filter.

Even with Digify's copy protection on the viewer, it is possible to screenshot every page and paste all the information into a document. When Screen Shield is turned on, recipients need a lot more effort to capture and stitch together the information into a document, as they can only see a portion of the document at a time. This makes it unlikely that they will attempt to screenshot the document in the first place.

Additionally, with the screen shield enabled, your documents will be protected from software or plug-ins that support full-page screenshots. The screen shield effectively blocks such software from scrapping the contents of your documents.

Screen Shield can be used along with embedded document watermarks for an even higher level of security by placing recipient identification marks in the document.

With additional security comes increased inconvenience. The recipient experience will need more effort to view your document. Hence, we recommend using this feature only for highly confidential documents.

How to Add Screen Shield

You can protect the files you are sharing through the Document Security and Data Room sections.

Under the Document Security section:

  1. Select the file(s) to share.

  2. Under the Screen Shield option, select on.

  3. Set up other security settings and the access settings, then share the file.

For the Data Room section, you can either:

  • Turn on the screen shield option when you create the data room.

  • Alternatively, you can change the data room settings by selecting your data room > click on the Settings tab on the top-right hand corner, under the Data Room Settings, change the Screen Shield settings.

Screen Shield Samples

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