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What is Screen Shield?

When enabled, Screen Shield reduces the viewable screen area with a watermarked filter. This aims to discourage unauthorized screenshots by the viewer.

Here's how the Screen Shield looks like when the Viewable Area is set at:

While your files are protected from copying when accessed in our online file viewer, it is still possible for your recipients to take screenshots of every page of your document and stitch them together. When Screen Shield is turned on, recipients need a lot more effort to do this, as they can only see a portion of the file at a time. This makes it unlikely that they will attempt to screenshot the file in the first place.

Additionally, with Screen Shield enabled, your documents will be protected from software or plug-ins that enable your recipients to take full-page screenshots. Screen Shield effectively blocks such software from scrapping the contents of your documents.

For even higher security, Screen Shield can be used with Dynamic Watermark, which enables you to watermark the file with your recipient's email address, IP address, and/or date and time the file was viewed.

With additional security comes increased inconvenience. With Screen Shield enabled, your recipient will need more effort to view your document. Hence, we recommend using this feature only for highly confidential documents.

How to enable/disable Screen Shield

You can enable/disable Screen Shield when sending files with Document Security and for your Data Rooms.

Screen Shield for Document Security

Step 1: From your dashboard, click on Send Files in the sidebar.

Step 2: Upload your file.

Step 3: Under Screen Shield, select On. You can choose the size of the viewable area: 20%, 35% or 50%.

Step 4: Choose the remaining settings for your file.

Step 5: Once done, click on the Send & notify recipients button to notify your recipients via email. Otherwise, click on Get link & skip notification to receive a link that you can share with your intended recipient(s).

Screen Shield for Data Rooms

There are two ways to enable Screen Shield.

Option 1: When creating a data room, turn on Screen Shield and select the viewable area.

Option 2: Change the settings for an existing data room that you own.

Enter the data room, click on Settings in the top-right corner. Under Screen Shield, click on the toggle to turn the feature on or off.

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