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How to Create a Digify Webhook
How to Create a Digify Webhook
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Webhooks are notifications that you can subscribe to which allow you to receive API updates when things happen to your sent files such as viewed, printed, or when your files are downloaded.

To create a Digify Webhook, 

1. Log in to your Digify account as Admin.

2. On the left panel, click on the Integrations and then Developer

3. Click on the Create Webhook button to create a new webhook.

4. Enter a suitable Webhook Description and the Webhook URL for your webhook. We recommend using HTTPS and basic authentication  to protect your Webhook URL.

5. If you need to make changes to your webhook, you can click on the Edit Webhook button from the More Options button.

6. After creating your webhook, you can take a look at the different webhook events available, the webhook event attributes, and example webhook notifications on the Webhook article.

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