Digify’s file tracking and statistics feature can let you know what happens to your files after sending them. You can get real-time information on whether or not your file has been viewed, printed, or downloaded. You can also identify who, where, and how many times your file has been accessed. 

Document Security Tool Statistics

To access the statistics from our Document Security tool,

  1. Select the Sent tab from the sidebar.

  2. Select your file. 

  3. Then, click on the Statistics button on the top action bar or next to the file name. 

Data Room Statistics

Data room statistics and activity logs are powerful tools to track activities and gather insights for your data room. This feature is available to data room owners and co-owners.

To access your data room statistics,

  1. Select your data room.

  2. On the right-hand corner, click the View Data Room Statistics icon, the fifth icon from the left.

1. Visitor Statistics will provide you activity information about those you have invited to access your data room:

a. Visits will show you a snapshot of invited data room guests who have and have not visited your data room. 

TIP: You can easily remind invited guests who haven’t visited your data room yet. To resend an invitation email, click Not Visited > Send reminder to all.

b. Frequency will show you the top visitors of your data room. 

c. Duration will show you which visitors have accessed your data room the longest. 

d. Details will give you per-user information about the following:

  • Timeline of activities - Expand by clicking on the arrow beside the name of your data room guest.

  • Last visit

  • Visit count

  • The total duration of the visit

2. Top Files will show you the list of files according to the number of views, prints, and downloads.

To get a more comprehensive statistics for a file,  you can also click the Statistics button next to the file name. 

Note: The statistics record for your data room guests will be hidden when you remove their access, helping you focus on your active data room guests’ activities. The record will be shown when you re-invite the guests to your data room. 

To get the full statistics, you can export the data room activity log.

Data Room Activity Log

To get your data room activity logs

  1. Go to your data room.

  2. Click on the more options icon, last icon from the left.

  3. Select Export Activity Log

  4. A link to download the activity log will be sent to your email.

The activity log contains the following information:

  • File name and ID

  • Data and time of activity

  • Data room guest’s name, email address, and IP address

  • Action taken in the data room

Team-wide File Statistics

Admins can monitor file access statistics to investigate data leakage incidents. However, admins do not have access to the documents’ content.

To access the team statistics,

  1. Log in to your Digify account as Admin.

  2. Click on your name on the top-right corner and select Admin Settings.

  3. Select the Team Statistics tab. 

  4. Choose the specific file or data room.

  5. Click the Statistics button to view the statistics.

Note: Team statistics is not available for Lite Plan and Classic Pro Plan (Pro Plans that were activated before June 12, 2019).

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