What is a free viewer account?

A free viewer account can be created by file recipients. File recipients are users who receive documents or data rooms from file owners or data room owners. They do not have to be subscribed to Digify's paid plans.

Creating a free viewer account in Digify allows file recipients to easily access all documents that they received in Digify.

How to set up a free viewer account

  1. You should first receive a link to the document/data room sent by the original owner. Click on the link shown in the email notification.

2.  Key in your email address. It should be the same address at which you received the link.

3. You will be prompted to key in a 6 digit verification code. This can be found in your email. Please check Spam or Junk folders if you cannot find the email. 

4. Key in your 6 digit code to access the document or data room. 

5. You should also receive an email that allows you to set a password for your Digify account. Click on "Set your password in Digify". 

6. Finally, fill in your name and password, and activate your free viewer account. 

To login to Digify again, go to https://digify.com/a/#/access/login 

For further enquiries, email us at support@digify.com


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