V4.7.0 Release Notes

Several improvements to Dynamic Watermark, including tighter tiled watermarks

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Date of release: 13 June 2022

Tighter tiled watermarks

Many of you requested for this: Tiled watermarks now appear in higher density for enhanced security. Your recipients will see more watermarks, set closer to one another on your documents.

More Dynamic Watermark positions

We've also added four new Dynamic Watermark positions: top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. This is in addition to the current positions of Center and Tile.

Improved watermarks for Excel files

You can now include your recipient's email, IP address, and/or date and time of viewing.

We also updated the Excel watermark design for an easier file viewing experience.

Note that for Excel and spreadsheet files, when Dynamic Watermark is enabled, the watermark will always appear in the center and rotated 45 degrees counterclockwise.

Protect your video with Dynamic Watermark

Dynamic Watermark is now available for video files, including .mov and .mp4.

When Dynamic Watermark is enabled, the watermark will appear horizontally in the top-right corner of the video.

Select multiple items at once with checkboxes

You can now use checkboxes to select multiple items at once to perform a common action. Useful when managing files, data rooms, recipients and guests.

Introducing Flexi Bars in your data rooms

Want to view the full name of a file or folder in your data room sidebar? Now you can. Simply drag the divider to extend the width of the sidebar.

All other updates

  • Data room owners/co-owners can now reset permissions of data room guests in the Granular Permissions page

    • Clicking on “Reset guest/group’s permission” will allow owner/co-owner to select a new broad permission for the guest or group

    • Owner/co-owner must click "Save" to update the guest or group permissions

  • New tab viewing

    • File viewer now opens in a new tab for all files across Document Security and Data Rooms

    • Data room now opens in a new tab for data room users

  • Added the following functions for user API integration

    • List data room recipients

    • Add guest to data room (Updated permissions and group)

    • Delete data room file & folder

    • Delete data room

    • Retrieve file/folder information

    • Delete document security recipient

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Document Security settings now reset after user clicks on “Send another file”

    • About page toolbar now floats in the rich-text editor

    • Fixed the missing print limit for Print permission for data room guests

  • Minor UI/UX changes, including:

    • When Data Room Settings > Advanced Settings > "Use defaults" is disabled, items such as File Index and Modified Date are now grouped together in a grey box

    • Text changes for data room labels to accommodate mobile screens

      • “Data room unshared” → “Unshared”

      • “Contributor” → Not shown if overflows

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