V4.9.0 Release Notes

Import existing data room files to Document Security

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Date of release: 7 July 2022

Import your existing files to Document Security

You can now import existing files from your data rooms or previously sent files to Document Security for sending.

To do this, go to Send Files > click on the Digify icon.

Conversely, while in your data room, you can now select a file and export it directly to Document Security for sending.

To do this, enter the data room > right-click on the file > click on Get File Link > click on Export to Document Security.

New & improved data room navigation

Retrace your steps in complex data rooms more easily with our improved data room navigation tool.

When you're in a sub-folder, click on the folder icon to see the list of higher-level folders.

All other updates

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed file name not reflecting properly for data room files with multiple versions, after a user renames the file

  • Minor UI/UX changes, including:

    • When user clicks on (...) in file viewer, they can now select “Contact owner” to email the file owner

    • When sending a file with Document Security, users will see a pop-up warning them that watermarks in Excel files will always be centered in the file viewer, if they upload an Excel file and enable Dynamic Watermark, but do not select “Center” as the watermark position. When creating a data room or editing data room settings, users will see the pop-up when they enable Dynamic Watermark but do not select “Center” as the watermark position

    • Improved watermark preview graphic with the use of Cloudfront URL for video and Excel

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