V4.11.0 Release Notes

Disband, delete and restore accounts

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Date of release: Aug 31, 2022

Delete & restore accounts

You can now schedule your account for deletion on Digify. Once your account is deleted, your recipients and guests won't be able to access your files and data rooms.

In addition, admins can now schedule their entire team or specific member accounts for deletion. Before deleting a member's account, admins have the option to transfer ownership of the member's files and data rooms to another member.

Scheduled an account deletion but changed your mind? Simply sign in to Digify before the scheduled deletion date to restore your account or your team's accounts.

All other updates

  • Upgraded to Bootstrap V5

  • Minor bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed incorrect UI copy when previewing Terms of Access in Send Files

    • Fixed “File processing error” not showing from version history screen in Document Security and Data Room

  • Minor UI/UX changes, including:

    • "Edit member" is now added as a dropdown option when clicking More options (...) in Admin Settings > Members > Members

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