V4.12.0 Release Notes

Introducing data room analytics filters for viewing activity by custom time, guest & group

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Date of release: Oct 06, 2020

Filter data room analytics by time, guest, group

You can now filter your data room analytics by time, guests and groups, to view only the analytics most relevant to you.

Don't want to see the activity of data room owners in the analytics? You can now hide owner activity too.

To try it out, go to one of your data rooms, then click on ANALYTICS in the top-right corner.

Note: You must be a data room owner or co-owner to view analytics.

All other updates

  • Added more functions and improvements to API integration, specifically:

    • Create Data Room now includes settings for Banner, Guest list, and About Page

    • Set data room default permission/permission to No Access

    • Rename data room file/folder

    • Retrieve data room settings

    • Update data room settings

    • Retrieve data room analytics summary

    • Export data room activity logs

    • Delete data room group

  • Account deletion updates

    • Once a recipient or guest has deleted their Digify account, their received and accessed records will also be deleted.

  • Minor bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed incorrect redirection for files from a cloned EOL data room

    • Fixed an issue where files/folders with No Access permission were not inheriting their new parent folder's permission after being moved or copied.

      • Moved files/folders will now inherit their new parent folder’s permission, except files/folders with granular permissions

      • Copied files/folders will now inherit their new parent folder’s permission

    • Updated copy in Data room notifications settings modal

    • Fixed incorrect error message shown when a landline phone number is entered in the mobile phone number field when starting a trial

  • Minor UI/UX changes, including:

    • Data rooms will now automatically refresh after settings are updated

    • Video watermarks are now applied at the center by default, instead of the previous upper-right position

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