V4.18.0 Release Notes

Audio files are now supported in the file viewer

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Release Date: Jan 17, 2023

Audio files now supported in file viewer

File recipients and data room guests will now be able to listen to your audio files within the Digify file viewer, without having to download them to their device.

Supported audio file types: .mp3, .wma, .wmv

Please note that this only applies to audio files uploaded on or after Jan 17, 2023.

All other updates

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed issues with reordering items in an empty folder in a data room

    • Fixed issues with moving files experienced by some users

    • Fixed mobile browser display issue that occurs after a user sends a file and is unable to find the button to copy the link(s) to their sent file(s)

  • We've added the following API integrations:

    • Get data room activity logs for a single guest

    • Get the activity logs of a specific guest for a single file

    • Get top view/print/download analytics inside the data room

    • Added Document Security file status when getting the file settings and the list of shared files via API

    • Added Data Room file status when browsing data room/folder via API

    • Added error message for external API when sharing and uploading document security files for invalid recipient email

  • UI/UX updates, including:

    • Improvements to the "Upload" button so users can now upload a previously uploaded file in Send Files

    • UI design and copy style consistencies

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