What is a Watermark?

A watermark is a partially-transparent element placed on a file to discourage recipients from copying file content. Watermarks are commonly used to emphasize the confidentiality of the content or file being shared.

With Digify, you can add watermarks to PDFs, MS Office documents, and photos (.JPG, .PNG). When you add a watermark to an MS Office document, it will be converted into a PDF. 

There are 2 types of watermarks in Digify:

  • Printable watermark is integrated into a PDF page or photo as a fixed element and therefore it cannot be moved. 

  • Movable watermark is placed on the file as a separate element and can be moved by the viewer.

The watermark option is available for Team and Enterprise plans.

How to Add Watermarks

You can add a watermark to files that you are sending through the Send Files and Data Room sections. 

If you're using the Send Files section, you can

  1. Select a file to share. 
  2. In the Access portion, make sure to use Anyone with a link or Only people I specify.
    (Note: Watermark does not currently work with the Anyone with a passkey option.)
  3. In the Watermark portion, select On.
  4. Customize your watermark.
  • Pattern: Select from Center, Tile, or Footer.
  • Text: Type the text you want to reflect on your watermark. As default, CONFIDENTIAL is written. 
  • Color: Choose from Grey, Red, or Blue.

   5. Tick Add movable watermark if you want to include a movable watermark.

If you are using the Data Rooms section, you can create your data room first and enable the watermark in the data room settings.

How To Use Watermark with Different Access Settings

Depending on your goal, you can choose the following combinations when watermarking your files:

Watermark Samples

  • Grey Watermark in Center
  • Red Watermark (Tiled)
  • Blue Watermark in Footer + Movable Watermark

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