V4.22.0 Release Notes

Introducing Pre-auth URLs for Document Security

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Date of release: April 14, 2023

Introducing Pre-auth URLs for Document Security

You can now create Pre-auth URLs for files that you own, to give your recipients a unique link to access those files. Only available via Developer API.

All other updates

  • Data room menu updates

    • We've condensed the following dropdown menu actions into a sub-menu, under "More actions": rename, replace, reorder, move/copy.

    • We've condensed the following floating menu options into a sub-menu, under "More": rename, replace, reorder.

  • Updated success screen when a new member joins a team to remind new members that they do not get access automatically to other team members' data rooms

  • Updated copy and UI in modals when admin is managing their team via the following actions:

    • Removing member

    • Downgrading member (Enterprise plans only)

    • Disbanding team

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed multiple scroll bars visible in data rooms

    • Fixed behavior for file owner to download an expired file as a recipient

    • Fixed incorrect redirection for a sent file when a recipient uses the file owner's URL

  • Minor UX/UI changes, including:

    • Fixed text positioning and overlapping when folders have long names in data room Move/Copy modal

    • Guests accessing a deleted data room file will now see an updated error message and modal in the file viewer

    • Recipient/guest whose device date and time is out of sync will now be redirected to an error screen

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