V4.23.0 Release Notes

You can now adjust opacity in Dynamic Watermark settings

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Date of release: May 03, 2023

Customized opacity for Dynamic Watermark

You can now set the opacity of Dynamic Watermark on your files in Document Security and Data Rooms! This gives you greater control over the visibility of your watermarks.

All other updates

  • We've removed the version limit of 25, allowing for unlimited versioning for both document security and data rooms.

  • We've improved white-label data room navigation to allow guests to access the team's data rooms via a dropdown next to the data room name.

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed statistics time mismatch between total duration and individual file records

    • Fixed file selection header not clearing after adding a recipient to Manage Sent files

    • Fixed page jump using “?page=” not redirecting correctly using “Anyone with the link (no verification)

    • Fixed non-accessible files appearing as "no access" error when guests clicks on “Next File” & “Previous File” in file viewer

    • Added missing error when creating folder with blank name in data room

  • UI/UX updates, including:

    • Adjusted data room statistics page to keep loading symbol visible even if user scrolls the page

    • Updated data room tabs with consistent scrollbar

    • Added loading modal when downgrading members (Enterprise plans only)

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