V4.25.0 Release Notes

You can now check the list of files that will be displayed for each data room guest

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Date of release: May 25, 2023

Introducing... Preview access for your data room guests

You can now check how your data room files and folders will appear for each guest or group.

You'll also have the option to do this immediately after adding a batch of guests to your data room.

All other updates

  • We've added updated the onboarding flows and added a banner for users to reopen the checklist.

  • We've added a delay when triggering Digify emails to prevent spam.

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed issue where users were able to rename a file in the search results to an existing file name in the data room

    • Fixed the option to select a data room or folder from the analytics page

    • Fixed weekly summary email not adjusting properly to the mobile screen size when using the Gmail app

    • Fixed audio files playing in the background when your device date and time are not synced with the web app

    • Fixed the issue where saved granular permissions for groups were not being reflected when changes were made during a search

    • Fixed white-label users were seeing the Digify logo instead of their team branding logo when it failed to load

    • Fixed the issue where the "Remove Member" modal was getting stuck in loading when:

      • Member didn't have any data rooms in their list (either empty or deleted)

      • Member had special characters in their email

    • Fixed trial sign up to not allow special characters like “+” in the email field

  • UI/UX updates, including:

    • Updated the button text to "Set up 2FA" in the 2FA screen to align with the corresponding copy

    • Fixed the folder breadcrumbs on the Move/Copy modal on Safari

    • Resolved the issue where users were able to open the context menu by simultaneously clicking the ellipsis (...) and right-clicking

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