By default, files in Digify are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm approved for top-secret data. For extra protection, you have the option to use a password (a.k.a. “passkey”) to double encrypt files (up to 25MB). In this setting, after encrypting your file with the passkey, it will only be decrypted at the recipient’s end. Note that Digify does not keep the passkey. 

Passkey Encryption works in the following formats: 

  • PDF

  • Images

  • Non-viewable files - for download only (available for Team and Enterprise).

How to Password Protect a File

Go to Send Files section.

  1. Select a file to share.

  2. For Access, select Anyone with the passkey.

  3. Set a unique passkey.

  4. Continue selecting your preferred security settings and click Send when you’re ready. 

  5. Inform recipients of the passkey outside Digify. 

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