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Digify API Overview
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Digify API allows developers to integrate our document security and data room services with third-party apps.

Get the complete list of features supported by Digify API here.

Getting started

Head over to the Developer portal in your Digify app to create your API key for authentication. Refer to our developer documentation for the endpoints and the required key-value pairs. The REST API requests are documented in different languages and the return responses in JSON format.

How it works

With Digify API, you get the full range of functions for both Document Security and Data Rooms. Integrating Document Security allows you to send files securely, manage your files & recipients, and retrieve analytics quickly. Integrating Data Rooms lets you manage everything from data rooms, your files & folders, to your guests.


Using Digify API helps you achieve compliance standards such as HIPAA quicker.

Digify is ISO27001 certified. It is hosted on AWS, which is ISO27001, SOC 1 and 2, FEDRAMP compliant. Read more here.

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