Depending on the security permissions set by the sender, the file you received may or may not be printed. Upon accessing the file, you will know your print permission by looking at the upper right-hand part of the browser. 

  • If print button is enabled, the file you received can be printed. Simply click on the button to start printing. Note that clicking Ctrl + P/Command + P is not recommended. 

You will get a notification if you are only allowed to print a limited number of copies whether partially (some pages or parts only) or fully. As an example below there is a limit of 3 times.

When you've reached the print limit, you will no longer be able to print the file again.

  • If print button is disabled, the file you received cannot be printed. If you need to print the file, you may contact the sender to give you this permission. 

Tips To Successfully Print a File if the Number of Copies Allowed is Limited
In case there’s a limit on the number of times a document can be printed, we recommend double checking your printer and connection to make sure they are ready. 

  • Check if printer is connected and has been turned on.

  • Make sure that there’s paper in the tray and that the ink cartridge aren’t empty.

  • If this is the first time you’re using this specific printer, consider doing a test print before printing the document.

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