V4.27.0 Release Notes

Link Q&A to specific files

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Date of release: June 26, 2023

Improve Your Workflow with our New File-Specific Q&A Feature

Ever wished you could raise questions to a specific file, rather than the entire virtual data room?

You can with Digify now. Guests can now ask their questions or concerns while viewing a specific document, making communication more context-specific and efficient.

We have also added a new quick-access icon next to each file name. Guests can simply click this icon to either view existing questions or ask a new question, thereby enabling quicker navigation and enhanced workflow.

Finally, we also made some minor improvements to our Q&A feature. Data room users will now see a red notification bubble on the top left edge of the Q&A drawer tab. This bubble is visible whenever there is a new unread Q&A, and clears once the user opens the drawer

All other updates

  • Price Proration

    • Admins will now see the prorated amount due after making changes to their plan and clicking “Review & Checkout”

    • Admins with a scheduled plan change should see a warning message that the selection will override existing scheduled changes

  • Quotation Link

    • Users will now be able to copy a link of the quotation at checkout.

    • This is particularly useful for users who might not be ready to finalize their purchase immediately and want to revisit their chosen quotation at a later time.

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed search for data room statistics in Admin Settings > Team statistics

    • Fixed error shown in granular permission for JPE file extension

    • Fixed bounced email event not getting sent to senders

    • Fixed breadcrumbs in data room Move/Copy modal not displaying according to design

    • Fixed upgrade account modal and redirection for users within the file viewer

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