V4.29.0 Release Notes

New guest list and revised guest quota for easier data room management

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Date of release: July 27, 2023

Introducing Data Room Guest List

With the guest list, admins can now quickly locate specific data room guests and view their data room access. This feature simplifies the data room access management as the account admin.

Revised Data Room Guest Quota

We've revised our data room guest quota system for greater efficiency. Moving forward, you will only consume 1 quota for each unique email invited in your account, regardless of the number of data rooms the guest is invited to. This means you can invite the same guest to multiple data rooms without consuming any extra quota.

In addition, your team members can be added to your account's data rooms, without consuming your guest quota.

Guest Invites

Current Quota

Revised Quota

1 guest invited to 1 data room

1 guest quota

1 guest quota

1 guest invited to 2 data rooms

2 guest quota

1 guest quota

Team member invited to 1 data room

1 guest quota

0 guest quota

Display local Date & Time for Dynamic Watermark

We have updated the Dynamic Watermark feature so that the Date & Time option now follows the local time zone of the viewer of your document.

All other updates

Minor bug fixes and UI/UX updates

  • Fixed data room team analytics displaying incorrectly for a newly invited team admin

  • Updated the warning when selecting features after following a quotation link

  • Fixed video file loading issue with privacy browser on iOS devices

  • Fixed preview issues for WMA audio file

  • Fixed Q&A option missing in file viewer for preview unsupported file formats like ZIP

  • Updated warning for mobile users in non-mobile responsive screen

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