V4.30.0 Release Notes

Data room trash can, your safety net for data rooms

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Date of release: August 16, 2023

Introducing Trash Can for Data Room

In the world of data room management, accidental file deletions can lead to irreversible data loss. With our new Trash Can feature, data room owners and contributors can take action to address these unintentional deletions. This enhancement enables users to effortlessly restore files that were mistakenly deleted, providing a safety net against unintended data loss. With the Trash Can, we ensure a more secure and reliable data management experience.

Locating deleted files is now a straightforward process for data room owners and contributors. By accessing the designated Trash Can, you can quickly find files that were deleted.

If a file was mistakenly deleted, data room owners and contributors can easily select the file and restore it. Once restored, the file will return to its original location. Importantly, its permissions will align with those of the parent folder, maintaining consistency and ease of access.

Data room owners must restore files within 30 days, as items in the Trash will be automatically purged after 30 days to optimize storage and ensure efficient data management.

Encrypted Storage

We would like to announce an upgraded storage accounting system that enhances collaboration and flexibility for our users. In the past, users faced storage constraints due to individual storage limits. With the implementation of shared encrypted storage, this limit is now distributed across all team members.

In addition, admins can easily expand storage by adding 100GB for just $50, ensuring enough space for the team's needs. As we transition, existing users' storage quotas will be updated to align with their current plans:




100 GB


500 GB


1000 GB


5000 GB

Other enhancements and bug fixes

  • Developer API enhancements

    • New Browser Lock option for Pre-auth URLs

      • Introducing a new Browser Lock feature that strengthens security for pre-auth URLs. This feature restricts users from accessing the same link through different browsers, mitigating unauthorized access risks associated with Pre-auth URLs.

    • Watermark improvements

      • Users can now add a second line watermark and adjust watermark opacity in across all endpoints with watermark capabilities.

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed incorrect data room size calculation when deleting files in Error status

    • Fixed multiple UI-related problems within the data room interface

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