Certain security settings are not compatible with certain file types especially the types that require a specific software to access. When sharing multiple files with Digify, you will only be able to use the security settings that are compatible with all file types that you selected.

For example, if you share a video and a PDF together, the print permission and the watermark option will be automatically disabled since they cannot be applied to the video. By default, the security settings that you will select must apply to all selected files.

If you want to use specific security features,

  1. Select one file at a time or select files that are of the same file type.

  2. Set your security settings. If you select more than one file, note that security settings must apply to all files selected. 

  3. When you’re ready, click Send.

Repeat the same procedure for the other file types you wish to send. 

TIP: For easier management of multiple file types, consider using a data room instead. With data rooms, you will be able to set and apply your preferred security settings across the data room. Your settings will simply not be applied to file types that are incompatible with the feature.

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