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V4.31.0 Release Notes

Team Analytics export and Single active session

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Date of release: August 30, 2023

Reinforced Security with Single Login Feature

As part of our continuous efforts to bolster security measures, we have added single active session protection to all accounts. Your data exposure risk is now minimized even further.

When users log in to Digify, they will receive instant alerts about any active sessions on other devices or browsers. Choosing to proceed with the sign-in will seamlessly terminate all the previous sessions.

Analytics export in Team Analytics

We have enhanced our analytics to offer better insights for Team Admins. Team Admins will now have the power to export analytics as convenient spreadsheets (XLSX) for both individual files and data rooms owned throughout the entire team.

All other updates

  • We have added reminder emails to invited recipients & guests who have not accessed the invitation after 3 days and 6 days after receiving Digify notifications. This will help to bump up important invitations in inboxes.

  • We have added file & data room names to your browser tab to easily distinguish them as you work with multiple files and data rooms.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem with the recipient list when adding recipients to files with the permissions “Only people from domains I specify” and “Anyone with the link (email verification)”

  • Fixed data rooms with "Cloning failed" error showing up in Team Analytics

  • Fixed dynamic watermark whose default color was not selected after switching it on and off

UI/UX updates:

  • Replacing file in Document Security

    • Credit usage is now displayed when the sender replaces sent files

  • Version history

    • For both Document Security and Data Room, version history now shows the amount of storage used by all versions of the file.

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