What is Digify?
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Digify is a cloud-based document security and data room software that gives you full control, protection and tracking over your documents.

It is an all-in-one integrated solution combining document access control, advanced encryption, file tracking, print and download permissions and customizable watermarks.

Digify is used by various companies across the world in industries such as:

  • Investment Management

  • Financial Services

  • Training & Education

  • Healthcare & Medical Research

  • Legal Services

  • Arts & Design 

With Digify, you can ensure the right people are accessing the right file, whether that’s:

  • Sales and pricing information

  • Finance reports and presentations

  • Legal contracts

  • HR employee files

  • Design concepts and prototypes

  • Project materials for clients

  • Due diligence documents for investors

  • Email attachments

  • Other confidential files that should not be leaked

Read more about Digify’s award-winning security and features.

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