If you have previously opened a file but can’t access it anymore, one of the following scenarios might have happened:

  • Access was revoked by the sender. If you are prompted that your email address no longer have permission to view the file, it means that your access was revoked by the sender. Only the sender controls to the access to the file. If you wish to access the file again, you may contact the sender directly.  

  • File has expired. If you are notified that the file has expired, it means that you are only given a certain period to open the file. Access duration can only be set by the sender. You may contact the sender directly if you wish to extend your access. 

  • A screenshot was taken while browsing on iOS app. When you open a file via Digify Viewer on your iOS device and take a screenshot, your access will be revoked automatically. File owner will then be notified of the screenshot attempt. If you wish to have access again, you may contact the sender directly. 

Note that Digify is a file security platform that gives content owners and senders a way to protect the files they’re sharing online. We do not have control over the file being shared and the type access being given. If you’re having problems accessing certain files, you may contact the sender directly. 

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