For a branded viewing experience for team members and recipients, Team admins can customize the dashboard and the file viewer by uploading their company logo and pairing it with custom colors. 

Custom branding is available for Team and Enterprise. 

To upload your logo and select your custom color, go to Team Settings > Branding

How To Upload Your Logo

  1. On Change Logo, click Expand > Edit

  2. Upload your logo. 

       For best result, upload a .PNG file with transparent background. Logos are displayed in horizontal orientation at a maximum of 250 pixels in width by 90 pixels in height. 

   3. Adjust the size and position according to your preference.
   4. Click Upload image when you're ready. 

How To Set Your Custom Color

  1. On Change Color, click Expand

  2. Click on the color box next to Header Color or Header Text Color to select your preferred color. For a more accurate color selection, you can also type your preferred color’s hex code

   3. Click Save when you're ready. 

Custom Brand Display
The changes in your custom branding will show on your dashboard, file viewer, and your movable watermark when using the web or mobile browser. 

What custom branding looks like on your app dashboard

What recipients see as they try to access the files or data rooms you've sent them

What recipients see when accessing your data room

What recipients see when viewing your files in Digify

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