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Welcome to Digify!

This article will guide you through the top things you should do as an admin to get your company ready to use Digify.

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Add your company logo & branding colors

(Available on all plans)

Add your company logo and branding colors to make your Digify app your own.

When your recipients and data room guests view your files, they will see your company logo and branding colors (instead of the default Digify logo and colors).

Invite members to your team

(Available on Trial, Team & Business plans)

Depending on your plan's available user licenses, you may be able to invite members to your team.

Refer to this article for steps on how to check the number of available user licenses on your plan, and how to invite members to your team.

Create security setting presets (for Document Security)

(Available on all plans)

Implement file sharing policies for your team by creating security setting presets to match the level of classification required by your company.

As an admin, you can use this to enforce file classification standards across your team on Digify when sending files with Document Security. You can choose to allow members on your team to only use these presets, or allow them to use these presets and their own custom presets.

Edit your organization terms for Terms of Access

(Available on all plans)

When Terms of Access is enabled, your recipients and data room guests are required to access your legal terms before they can view your files, similar to a non-disclosure agreement.

As an admin, you can edit the organization terms that will be implemented when Terms of Access is enabled for a sent file or shared data room.

Learn how to conduct a team audit

(Available on all plans)

Where confidential files are involved, you may need to conduct regular audits to check for unusual or suspicious activity via Team Analytics.

Manage billing & related account information

(Available on all plans)

Account resources such as credits, data rooms, and data room guests are shared among your team members. Need to purchase add-ons?

Learn how to integrate Digify with other apps

(Available on all plans)

You can integrate Digify with apps you use every day, for a faster workflow.

1. Sign in with your Google or Microsoft account

Use your Google and Microsoft accounts to sign in to Digify.

You can also enforce members on your team to sign in with their Google or Microsoft accounts here, under Enforce Login Restriction.

2. Use Digify in your Gmail & Outlook

Send files securely from your inbox without having to sign in to your Digify account, and still be able to track your files and its analytics.

Install the Digify extension for free for Gmail or Outlook.

3. Import files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box

You can easily import your files from Google Drive, Dropbox and Box into Digify. This can be done via Document Security or in your data rooms.

4. Integrate with Slack, Google Sheets, Salesforce etc using Zapier

You can integrate Digify with more than 1000 apps through Zapier. Some popular integrations include:

5. Developer API for automation

If you have developers working on your website, Digify APIs can be used to automate file sending and tracking processes for your internal workflows. Webhooks are available too. Integration of our web document viewer with your site via iFrame is also possible.

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