If you experienced an error for an uploaded file, it could be that your files are protected with a password. 

Password protected files will have an additional layer of encryption, which can only be decrypted with a password. Since these passwords are unknown to Digify, our system will be unable to process, display, and protect your files in the browser for viewing by the recipient, or to add a watermark to it. 

Affected File Formats

While password protected PDF file works with Digify as the browser can decrypt and display PDFs, the following file formats are not supported as they require further processing:

  • MS Excel ( .XLS, .XLSX)

  • MS Word ( .DOC, .DOCX)

  • MS PowerPoint ( .PPT, .PPTX)

TIP: If you wish to upload a password protected file, we suggest converting your file to PDF. Do note that password protected PDF files are not compatible with our watermarking feature.

Passwords Are Not Needed When Sending Files via Digify

There is no need to put an additional password on your files when sending files via Digify. Here's why:

  • All files uploaded to Digify are encrypted with the AES-256 algorithm, certified for secret level documents by NSA

  • By setting Access to Only people you specify, your recipients will have to verify their email, making sure that only the intended recipients will be able to view your files.

How to Remove Password Protection for Your Files

  • MS Excel

  1. Open your Excel SpreadSheet,

  2. Click on File and then select Password,

  3. Delete the password for "Password to open".

  • MS Word

  1. Open your Word Document,

  2. Click on Tools and then select Protect Document,

  3. Delete the password for "Set a password to open this document".

  • MS PowerPoint

  1. Open your PowerPoint Slides,

  2. Click on File and then select Password,

  3. Uncheck and delete the password for "Password to open".

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