How Digify for Outlook works
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What is Digify for Outlook? 

Digify for Outlook is a free-to-install Outlook Add-in for Digify users. It allows you to send email attachments securely, track document analytics and revoke file access directly from your Outlook account. You need an existing Digify account in order to use Digify for Outlook. 

How Digify for Outlook works

View this tutorial video:

Attach and Send Documents Securely 

  1. Install the Digify for Outlook Add-in and select the Digify icon in the compose window. Refer to the Installation Guide for more details.

  2. After composing your message, upload your document from your desktop or drag and drop them into the Digify panel. 

  3. Customize your security settings for your document in terms of Access, Permissions, Watermark and Expiry. You can control who is able to view your document, restrict print or download, embed a watermark and set an auto expiry. 

  4. Select "Insert Link" to attach the document as an embedded link. Send the email as usual. 

Find out if your attachments were viewed 

  1. After sending your attachment, select the Digify icon located at the top right corner of the respective email.

  2. In the Document Analytics panel, click on the down arrows to display tracking analytics for specific documents and recipients. You will be able to see the number of views, the duration and whether the recipient has printed or downloaded the document.

Unsend your attachments anytime

  1. In the Document Analytics panel, turn off document access by clicking on the blue toggle switch. This removes access for all recipients immediately. Your document will still be stored in your Digify account. 

For document recipients, view the document easily

  1. In the received email, click on the Digify link to open the document. It will appear in a separate tab.

  2. Verify your email address to access the document. 

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