Digify's Credits are consumed when you send documents using the Document Security section in the Digify web app or send emails using Digify's Gmail or Outlook plug-ins.

One credit is needed for each file sent to a unique recipient. For example, if you wish to send 2 documents to 5 unique recipients, you will need 10 credits to complete the sending.

The credits are sent across users on the account.

As the account admin, you will receive email notifications when you have less than 100 credits and when you have used up all the document credits for your account. If you need more credits, you can purchase additional credits from the Admin Settings anytime.

Note: You will not lose credits for files sent from your data rooms.

Credits usage reset

Your account credits will be reset every month on your billing date. If you are on the annual plan, your credit usage will be reset every month on the day your subscription was started.

How to purchase additional credits

To purchase additional credits,

  1. Log in to your Digify account as Admin.

  2. Click on your name on the top-right corner and select Admin Settings.

  3. Under Billing, click on the Expand button beside Update Plan.

  4. Change the credits quota and click Confirm to proceed. All charges will be prorated.

Additional credits cost $25/month per 500 credits/month. More details are available on our pricing page.

Still need help? Contact us at support@digify.com.

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