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Credits vs Data Room & Guest Quota: What's the difference?
Credits vs Data Room & Guest Quota: What's the difference?
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What are credits?

Having credits allows you to send files using Document Security in the Digify web app as well as to send emails using the Digify Gmail and Outlook plug-ins.

One credit is needed to send 1 file to 1 recipient. For example, if you wish to send 2 files to 5 recipients, you'll need 10 credits.

What are data room quota and data room guest quota?

Your data room quota determines the number of data rooms you can have at any point in time.

For example, if you have a data room quota of 3, this means you can have 3 data rooms at any one time. If you already have 3 data rooms active, you cannot create a new data room until you delete a data room.

Secondly, your data room guest quota determines the total number of unique guests (based on their email address) you can have in all of your data rooms combined.

This means a guest will only use 1 data room guest quota, even if they appear on the guest list of multiple data rooms owned by different members of your team. For example, if Guest A is has been invited to a data room that you own, as well as a data room owned by your team member, Guest A will only use 1 data room guest quota.

If your team has used up all of its data room guest quota, please remove the guest from all data rooms owned by your team to reduce your guest quota, or add more data room guest quota to your plan.

Team members do not towards your data room guest quota.

Credits vs Quota: What's the difference?

As explained above, credits are needed to send files to recipients using Document Security. Data room quota and guest quota are needed to create data rooms and add guests to your data rooms.

In addition, your credits reset monthly, while data room quota and guest quota do not.

The only similarity that they share is this: Credits and data room/guest quota are shared among all members on your plan, and only admins can purchase them for the team.

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