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Upgrading to File-Level Granular Permissions (For Pro plan admins)
Upgrading to File-Level Granular Permissions (For Pro plan admins)
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Different guests may require different access rights to specific files and folders. Folder-Level Granular Permissions and File-Level Granular Permissions are features that allow you to control and customize a data room guest's or group's viewing, printing and downloading permissions to suit your needs.

  • Folder-Level Granular Permissions: Define folder-level permissions. Available on all paid plans.

  • File-Level Granular Permissions: Define both file-level and folder-level permissions. Available only on Team plans and above (only for plans activated after June 12, 2019).

If you're on the Pro plan wish to use File-Level Granular Permissions, you'll need to upgrade your plan to a Team or Business plan. Here's how.

How to upgrade my plan to include File-Level Granular Permissions?

❗ Note: Only admins can do this. If you're not the admin, please contact your admin to upgrade your account to a Team or Business plan to get access to the File-Level Granular Permissions feature.

Option 1: Drop us an email at We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Option 2: Go to our pricing page and select either the Team or Business plan. Then, you'll be directed to a new page to configure your plan. The price shown is the full price upon renewal. You'll only be charged the difference between your current plan and the new plan.

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