Different types of files require different levels of security. With Digify, Team Admins can implement file sharing policies across the team or company by creating custom presets that match the level of privacy and confidentiality that the team needs.

Custom Presets are available for Team and Enterprise.

Enabling Custom Presets For Your Team

  1. Click on your name to access your Account Menu.

  2. Go to Team Settings > Preset.

  3. Click Add Preset.

  4. Enter the name you want to call your preset and set the preferred sharing settings.

  5. Click Create Preset.

[Optional] If you want the Preset setting name (e.g. “Classified”) to show up in the file viewer header and seen by recipients, check the box accordingly.

Once you’ve enabled a custom preset for your team, team members will be able to use it when they send files via the Send Files section > Step 2: Select options. Upon selecting a particular preset, your predefined share settings for that preset will apply.

How To Edit Custom Presets

Team Admins can edit a custom preset anytime and the updated preset will be applied to new files that will be shared using that preset. Note that previously shared files will retain the share settings at the time of sharing. 

To edit a custom preset,

  1. Go to Team Settings > Preset.

  2. Click Edit icon. 

  3. Make the changes and click Edit Preset to save.

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