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Data room export errors & potential fixes
Data room export errors & potential fixes
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After exporting a data room, you may receive an email informing you that an issue has occurred while processing your data room export request. If you've received this email, here's how you can locate and resolve the issue.

Note: Only data room owners and co-owners can do this.

Step 1: Open the email from Digify notifying you of the issue with the export. Click on the Download button. A .zip file should be automatically downloaded to your device.

Step 2: Open or unzip the zip file. You will find a folder containing your data room files, as well as an Index File that is in the .xlsx format.

Step 3: Open the Index File (the file that is the .xlsx file type). Under the column titled "Status", you will see the export status of each data room file.

You may wish to filter out any rows that are listed as "Success" in this column, to view the list of files that weren't exported successfully.

Common errors and what they mean

Error - path too long

On Windows and Mac operating systems, the total length of the file path (total length of folder names + file names + separators) must not exceed 255 characters. If the limit is exceeded, the file cannot be extracted correctly due to operating system issues.

To fix this error, you must shorten your folder or file names for the affected items in the data room, so that the total length of the file path (including all separators such as slashes) is less than 255 characters.

Error - duplicate file name

The data room folder contains items with the same names. Duplicate file names are not allowed on Windows and Mac operating systems. Therefore, the items with the same name cannot be exported.

To fix this error, you can rename the duplicate items in the data room in order to export all the items. Alternatively, you can delete the duplicate item to eliminate the error.

Error with extra spaces

If a folder contains an extra blank spaces at the end, this can also cause problems when downloading the files. Windows and Mac operating system cannot create this folder structure.

To fix this error, rename the folder and remove the extra space at the end of the folder name.

Error - File content is empty

This indicates that the specific file was not successfully processed during the file upload process.

To fix this error, delete the file and re-upload it to the data room.

Other errors

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