V4.6.0 Release Notes

More data room rights for Contributors

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Date of release: 25 May 2022

Contributors in a data room can now reorder, move, copy, delete files and sub-folders, and restore file versions. This applies to folders and sub-folders where they have access.

As before, Contributors cannot view statistics, invite guests, edit data room settings or delete the data room.

Drag & drop to replace data room files

We’ve introduced an easier and faster way for data room Owners, Co-owners and Contributors to replace files.

As long as the new and old files have the same name, you can choose to upload the new files as the latest version of the old files, retaining all file statistics.

Note: Video files can't be replaced this way and will be handled differently. Learn more

Import files directly from OneDrive

If you’re a OneDrive user, you can now import files directly from OneDrive when using Document Security and Data Rooms. Learn how

All other updates

  • File rendering improvements

  • Removal of header in iFrame

    • Users can now hide the header of Digify branding/user branding in file viewer

    • Setting parameter “modestbranding=1” hides the branding for https://embed.digify.com or white-label sites. Not applicable for https://digify.com

  • Security improvements

    • Fixes to strengthen account security and avoid brute-force attacks

    • Users who have turned on two-factor authentication (2FA) must enter their 2FA to change their password or disable 2FA in Admin Settings

    • Users will be blocked if they clock more than 100 login attempts within an hour

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed statistics and recipient list viewing on Document Security files with more than 4000 recipients; now able to view statistics and the recipient list with more than 5000 recipients

    • Fixed large video files having the same behavior as large files (>1GB); large video files are now allowed for online viewing

    • Data room co-owners will now be able to access a data room even after guest access has expired

  • Minor UI/UX fixes, including:

    • All guests will see the option “Get Link” in the floating menu

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