Role Permissions are usage-based permissions that data room owners and co-owners can assign to data room recipients.

  • Owner: The user who created the data room; can manage and delete the data room. Note that data room ownership is currently not transferable. There can only be one owner for a specific data room. 

  • Co-Owners*: Can manage the data room. The co-owner must be a member of the same subscription.

  • Contributors*: Can add, reorder, download or delete files within accessible folders.

  • Download: This recipient can view, print and download files within the accessible folders.

  • View + Print: This recipient can view and print but won’t be able to download the files within the accessible folders.

  • View: This recipient can view but won’t be able to print or download the files within the accessible folders.

Note: For data rooms created before August 20, 2018, the role permissions will still follow the previous Co-Owner, Contributor and Viewer options; and the print and download permissions can be managed by under the Change Data Room Settings.

*Classic Pro Plan - Pro Plans that were activated before June 12, 2019 will not have access to data room role permissions such as Co-Owners and Contributors.

How to Assign Role Permissions to Invited Users in The Data Room

  1. Go to the specific data room.

  2. On the top right-hand corner, select the Guest tab.

  3. Click on the Add guest button

  4. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite. If you wish to send the invitation email via Digify, click on the Notify Guest checkbox.

  5. Select the role permission for the new guests. Make sure to batch them according to the role that you want to assign.

[Not available for Classic Pro Plan*]
Specify the User Expiry if you want invited people to only be able to access your data room for a limited time. (Date and time are based on your browser’s timezone).

   6. Click the Invite button.

Edit Role Permissions Anytime

Everyone who has been invited or has joined the data room will be listed under the Guests tab of the specific data room. Owners/co-owners can edit the role permissions per recipient or revoke access anytime.

Read more about inviting people to a data room

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