How to resolve Zscaler network issues

If you're using a Zscaler firewall or VPN, you'll need to whitelist the Digify domain to view files and data rooms.

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If you're experiencing issues with a file that is not loading in the file viewer or not appearing in the file viewer, please check if your Internet connection is secured by the firewall service Zscaler by clicking on this testing link.

If the test shows that your Internet connection is indeed secured by Zscaler, please connect to a different network and try viewing the file again.

If you're able to view the file on a different network, for a longer-term solution, please request for your IT department or administrator to add the domain to the SSL bypass list.

You can find the Zscaler guide on how to exempting URLs from SSL inspection here.

If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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