If you wish to send your file with the Access setting "Anyone with the link (no email verification)", please ensure that your Dynamic Watermark setting does not include the email address of the viewer.

This is because anyone will be able to access your file without entering their email address. As such, no email address can be displayed in the watermark.

This error will also appear even if you've selected the checkbox for Request email as your recipients won't be required to verify the email address entered.

Without verification, anyone may enter any email address to access your file. As such, email addresses are not displayed in the watermark of such files to prevent misuse.

In addition, displaying an unverified email address in the watermark would not help to secure your file, as the email address is unlikely to be an accurate identifier of the person who viewed your file.

As a result, files with these incompatible settings cannot be sent until the error is resolved.

How to resolve this error

Option 1: Change your Dynamic Watermark display setting

Under Dynamic Watermark > Display, uncheck "Email address of viewer".

You will then be able to send your file with the Access setting "Anyone with the link (no email verification)".

Option 2: Change your Access setting

Under Access, use "Anyone with the link (email verification)" instead.

Your recipients will not need to create a Digify account to access the file. They will only be required to verify their email address using a one-time verification code that will be sent to their email address separately, before they can access the file. This ensures that the email address they used to access your file is a genuine email address.

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