V4.10.0 Release Notes

You can now select No Access for Default Guest Permission, Guest/Group Permission

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Date of release: Aug 3, 2022

Introducing a new default guest permission: No Access

Here are 3 ways you can use this new permission.

1️⃣ Add guests without giving them access to the entire data room

You can now add guests without allowing them to view the entire data room, so you can take your time to grant them access to only specific folders and files. Simply set your data room's Default Guest Permission to "No Access" before inviting new guests. Learn more →

2️⃣ Add new folders or files discreetly

No more worrying about whether a new folder or file will be accessed by guests who shouldn't be able to do so. There's now a way to add folders and files to a data room quietly, without allowing guest access by default. Learn more →

3️⃣ Temporarily revoke guest's or group's data room access

Go to Granular Permissions, then set the guest's or group's permission for the entire data room to "No Access". Learn more →

All other updates

  • Improved handling for video bandwidth when users are viewing videos in Digify by adjusting the video bandwidth allocation

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed “Access” button not showing properly on mobile browsers in Manage Sent Files

    • Fixed users unable to restore older versions of a file that had an error when replacing file

  • Minor UI/UX changes, including:

    • Added “Open New Tab” icon beside “Edit settings” link on “Replace file” pop-up for Document Security

    • Sign-in error now includes the cause of the error encountered when logging in via the pricing page

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