When you share files on Digify, your files go through a thorough copy protection process and AES-256 encryption that makes your file safe for sharing online. On top of that, you can set some security settings permissions depending on how you intend your files to be used by recipients. Upon sharing, your recipients will then be able to access your files on any browser via the secure Digify file viewer.

Digify lets you securely share and protect your files online including images, pdf, MS office files, videos and private notes. See complete list of supported file formats

Visit the pricing page for the file size limit depending on your plan.

Sharing Files

To get started, log in to Digify and go to Send Files on the left section.

1. Select a file to share. You can select from your computer or from your Dropbox,

Google Drive, or Box. Note that you can only use one file source per share.

2. Choose your security settings

  • Permissions: Set permissions on whether to allow or restrict your recipients to download and print your files. If download is not allowed, you’ll have an option to allow them to print the files or not. If download is allowed, print is automatically allowed.

  • Expiry: If you wish to limit how much time your recipients have to access your file, you can choose to self-destruct your file minutes or hours after it is opened or expire it on a certain date and time.

  • Terms of Access: Once the Terms of Access feature have been enabled for a particular document, invited users will be required to agree to the Terms of Access prior to accessing the document.

  • Dynamic Watermark: Use a watermark if you want to brand your file or simply emphasize the confidentiality of the information you are sharing. For a more secure and professional experience, your recipient’s email address will automatically show in the watermark itself. You can then customize the text, size and color of the watermark according to your needs. See how the Digify watermark works.

  • Screen Shield: When Screen Shield is turned on, recipients need a lot more effort to capture and stitch together the information into a document, as they can only see a portion of the document at a time. This makes it unlikely that they will attempt to screenshot the document in the first place.

3. Share Document

  • Access: Decide whom you want to share your file with.

If you are sharing your file with a specific person, choose Only people I specify and you can invite recipients through their email address.

If you want to share your file with an entire organization or group choose Only whitelisted domains.

If you want to share your file with any verified recipient using the link, choose Anyone with the link (with email verification).

If you want to share your file publicly, choose Anyone with the link (no email verification).

Send an invitation email via Digify or get a secure link to your file that share with your recipients directly.

You will receive an email notification as soon as your recipients view your file and, depending on your share settings, if they printed or downloaded it. Find the complete file statistics in your Manage Sent Files items.

If you have questions about how the product works or want a demo, contact us / send us a message.

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