Digify’s file tracking and statistics feature can let you know what happens to your files after sending them. You can get real-time information on whether or not your file has been viewed, printed, or downloaded. You can also identify who, where, and how many times your file has been accessed. (For data room tracking and statistics, read about it here). 

File tracking and statistics feature is available for Team, and Enterprise plans. 

TIP: You can get real-time notifications every time a recipient views, prints, or downloads your file. Get notifications via email or via the Digify Viewer mobile app available on iOS and Android.

How To Get Your File Statistics

  1. Go to Sent.

  2. Select a specific file. 

  3. Click Statistics.

The information you’ll get from the file statistics will depend on the security settings you’ve applied. File statistics can give you the following information:

Per-File Statistics

  1. Recipient’s name or email address (depending on your access setting)

  2. Total viewing duration & viewing duration per recipient 

  3. Total number of views & number of views per recipient 

  4. Number of prints per recipient

  5. Number of downloads per recipient

TIP: You can add recipients or revoke access to files anytime after the file is sent.

Per-Recipient Statistics

  1. Activity (View/Print/Download)

  2. Date and time of the activity

  3. Location (City/State and Country)

  4. IP address (hover the cursor on the location to view)

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