V4.15.0 Release Notes
Admins can now enforce Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for their teams on Digify
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Date of release: 24 Nov 2022

Admins can now enforce 2FA for their teams (Beta)

βœ… Extra security when signing in

Require members to verify their identity with an authenticator app when signing in to Digify.

βœ… Track 2FA status of members

Know which members have not set up their 2FA.

βœ… Remotely reset or disable 2FA when needed

Help members regain access to their Digify accounts when they forget their security answers and/or lose their access to their authenticator app.

All other updates

  • End-of-Life (EOL) data rooms will be deprecated and users who own EOL data rooms will have their data rooms automatically upgraded to the latest version of Data Rooms. Learn more

  • Minor bug fixes, including:

    • Data room owners and co-owners are now able to create folders in data rooms that have reached their access expiry date/time

    • When printing Excel files with multiple versions, only the latest version will be printed now instead of the earliest version

  • Minor UI/UX changes, including:

    • Data room owners will now see a "File path too long" error if the file path for a data room file has exceeded the 200-character limit for Windows and MacOS systems. Learn more

    • Data room owners can now get direct links for specific files and folders while managing the Granular Permissions for their data rooms

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