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V4.16.0 Release Notes

More accurate analytics tracking for your files + improvements to Question & Answer

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Date of release: 6 Dec 2022

More accurate analytics tracking for your files

We've made improvements to the way we track file viewing duration, so file owners now get more accurate analytics on the duration that a file has been viewed.

Improvements to Question & Answer (Beta)

We made various UI adjustments for style consistency.

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All other updates

  • We've added a new API integration:

    • Users can now retrieve permissions for guests or groups for a specific file/folder

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Minor UX/UI changes, including:

    • Admins are now recommended to upload logos with dimensions of 400 x 144 px, instead of the previous 400 x 400 px dimensions

    • Users whose device date and/or time are not synced to real time will be redirected out of the file viewer, and will now see a toast indicating that they have to synchronize their device clock before they can access the file

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