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Introducing Question & Answer
Introducing Question & Answer
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Note: Q&A is only available on Team plans and above. View plans

The Question & Answer (or Q&A for short) allows anyone with access to submit questions and receive answers. This feature enhances communication by providing context-specific discussions and improves overall workflow efficiency.

To ask a general question that is not specific to a particular file, click on the Q&A drawer tab in the data room interface. This will open a dialog box where you can ask your question.

If you have a question related to a specific file, click on the icon beside the file name in the data room instead.

Alternatively, while viewing a file, you can click on the Q&A icon within the file viewer to ask a question directly related to that particular file.

Choose who guests can submit questions to

Based on the Q&A setting, guests will be able to submit questions to either:

  • Owners & co-owners only;

  • Owner, co-owners and other guests in the same Group as them; or

  • Everyone

Here's a quick breakdown on the key differences between the three settings:

Owners & co-owners only

Owner, co-owners & people in the same group


Will a guest be able to see questions from other guests?

🚫 No.

🔸 Yes, but only questions from guests in the same Group.

✅ Yes, they can see all questions (& related replies) from all guests.

When submitting a question, will a guest be able to add other guests to their question?

🚫 No.

🔸 Yes, but only guests who are in the same Group.

✅ Yes, they can add any guest in the data room.

Will guests be able to see who else has been invited to my data room?

🚫 No.

🔸 Yes, but only the list of guests who are in the same Group.

✅ Yes, they can see the entire list of guests in the data room.

Get email notifications every time there's a new question

If you're a data room owner or co-owner, you'll receive an email notification every time a new question is submitted in your data room's Q&A section. Here's an example:

Question authors will also receive an email notification every time someone replies to their question. Here's a sample:

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