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How to revoke access to your sent files
How to revoke access to your sent files
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After sending a file with Document Security, you can revoke file access from one of your recipients or from all of your recipients.

This gives you the power to take your files back in case of errors, or if files were sent to the wrong person.

Revoke access is available on all paid plans.

How to revoke access to a sent file

Step 1: From your dashboard, click on Manage Send Files in the left sidebar.

Step 2: If you want to revoke access for all the recipients of the file, click on the file's corresponding toggle. A grey toggle means all recipients' access to the file has been revoked.

Otherwise, if you want to revoke access for a specific recipient, click on the three dots (...) beside the file. In the dropdown menu, select Manage Access.

You'll be directed to the Manage Access page for the file. Look for the recipient for whom you want to revoke access, and click on their corresponding toggle to revoke their access to the file. A gray toggle means the recipient's access has been revoked.

Step 3: To allow access again, simply click on the toggle again. Changes will be applied in real-time. A blue toggle means access is allowed.

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