V4.24.0 Release Notes

Skip 2FA for 7 days

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Date of release: May 17, 2023

You can now skip 2FA for 7 days

Frequently sign in to Digify? If your account has 2FA enabled, you can now skip 2FA for seven days after successfully authenticating your identity during login.

All other updates

  • Bug fixes, including:

    • Fixed welcome page appearing after user resets password for a pre-created account

    • Fixed video view duration extending after video ends. Video/audio file should autoplay on load, tracking starts when it starts playing, and stops when it's paused or stopped

    • Fixed shifting of Sent Files & Received Files list positions after switching tabs

    • Fixed an error on the Thank You page for previously removed users who purchased a new subscription

    • Fixed Excel file headings that affected the display of data room information in the modal

    • Fixed single file analytics with "(Removed)" tags incorrectly showing for data room guests

    • Fixed the expiry date in the data room info dropdown modal

    • Fixed incorrect branding on white-label sites for the Access Denied page for data rooms

    • Fixed incorrect branding on white-label sites when users access data rooms

    • Fixed scroll navigation on Send files page when accessed via data room export file

    • Data room files and folders will be transferred from one owner to the new owner regardless of AccessStatus

  • UI/UX updates, including:

    • Added a loading page after users purchase add-ons in Admin Settings > Billing to ensure the correct plan quota is reflected after checkout

    • Updated the "Weekly visitor report" email subject line to include the guest count

    • Updated the "Remove member" modal to indicate that the member can join another team after removal

    • Removed the "Mobile notifications” feature from the pricing page

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