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How to change email address of your subscription plan
How to change email address of your subscription plan
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If you have an active subscription plan, you can request to change the email address associated with it.

❗ Note: Changing the email address associated with your subscription plan doesn't automatically change your billing email address. To change your billing email address, please go to Admin Settings > BILLING > Change Billing Contact Email.

Step 1: Create a new Digify account here using your preferred email address.

Step 2: Email us at with the following details:

  • Please use "Change my email address" as the email subject

  • In the email body, please include the email address of your new Digify account, to enable us to transfer your existing subscription plan from your current email address to this new email address.

❗ Note: Once your active subscription plan has been transferred to the new email address, the Digify account associated with the previous email address will be converted into a free account. This means:

  • All your previously sent files will be disabled. They will no longer be accessible to you or your recipients. You won't be able to view analytics for these sent files.

  • All data rooms you own will be disabled and no longer be accessible to you or your guests. You won't be able to view the analytics for these data rooms.

As such, you may wish to first export your data rooms and their analytics from your current Digify account before requesting to transfer your subscription to a new email address. Learn how to export a data room

Step 3: Our team may take up to 3 business days to respond to your email and confirm the details of your transfer request.

Once we've received your confirmation, the team will work on your request. Please note that depending on your plan, the transfer process may require up to 3 business days to complete. If you're on a Legacy plan, a longer period of time may be required to complete the process.

Once the transfer is complete, you'll receive a confirmation email from a Digify representative and you'll be able to sign in to your Digify account with your preferred email address. 

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